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We have fun available in many different forms. Look below for this season's offerings!

The Maize

This year's design is 75 Years of Peanuts. With a different design each year, come back and test your navigational skills in this year's challenge.


The Haunted Section

Less navigation, but more adventure. Test your mettle when this section opens after sunset. You'll be surrounded by screams and scares around every bend. Best to bring a friend for support... or to allow you to escape alive.

Speleo Cave

You can get a real spelunking experience. More than 100 feet of cave space. Recommended for individuals under 6'3" and less than 240lbs.


Farmin Ball Zone

Take your pick between throwing spirals with footballs, draining three pointers with basketballs, or achieving a strikeout with baseballs as you compare high scores with your friends.

Cow Train and Hay Ride

Have a nice chat with friends and family on the Grain Train, or try to not get bucked out of your saddle on the Cow Train as you take a lap around the perimeter of The Maize.

grain train_edited_edited.jpg
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